S T A R S ✨

Here is a selection of sketches, concept art and designs for my characters ‘Bo & Cody from my up coming graphic novel Stars✨.

Stars✨ is a story about a child whose parents are stars. Bo is a curious child with a big imagination, she has her own 'imaginary' friend, Cody, that she created when she was very young.  she has powers that she can't fully manifest or control. She can create anything she puts her mind to if she can concentrate hard enough. To keep her safe from the consumers, her parents left her in her grandmothers care, who would help Bo to learn to use her gifts. The story is about how she learns to control her gifts and save her parents. This story is still in development. I’m posting my progress and WIP on Patreon.


©️Drawn Imagination by Tope Olayinka 2019 // All rights Reserved.