"Shiny New Ideas" And how I avoided them!



This post was inspired by several youtube videos I've been watching while I've been working these past 2 weeks. These videos by V.E. Schwab and Lavendaire, were the ones that helped me take practical action to help move past the overwhelm and procrastination. This podcast by Pat Flynn talking with Dane Maxwell, helped me to mentally make changes to understand why I find moving forward such a "Mind-F*ck" and get through it.



So yeah I re-launched my website // blog, about 2 weeks ago and I already knew I'd want some sort of posting schedule, you know to post at least once a week to the blog... yeah that didn't happen. I couldn't seem to commit to some sort of timeline, I started adding more projects I wanted to do to my daily to-do list and my original list of tasks. Then I proceeded to ignore that list by focusing on hair and new products to try and what I could do to move forward with my art, {even though I know I need to create consistently to move forward} all while getting engrossed in several kindle novels! Like really girl....... really?!?!......            Don't worry I'm side eyeing myself right now.


Staying focused on my own projects has always been an issue for me. Give me any project that someone needs help with and as long as we have a deadline, I'll get their 'ish done. I work well on others projects because I never want to let people down and I can always see clearly what sort of things they could do to move things forward, but my own stuff... yeah thats a tough one. But this year the one promise I made to myself was to start doing and documenting, no matter what.

Last years Inktober was the best thing I've ever done, simply because I completed it. I'm not gonna lie, it was super hard for me. I'm a perfectionist by nature and I'd never used Ink before, but I knew that if I just made my goal for that challenge to "finish", then that was good enough. I wanted to use that as inspiration for whatever else I did next, putting back up this website, blogging again and getting to work finishing stories I've had rattling around in my head for what seems like forever.

So how am I avoiding "Shiny new ideas"? By taking the steps that the guys from the above videos and podcast suggested. And I gotta say, they've already helped get me back in the swing of things, starting with this blog post. The videos are short and you can have the podcast on while you do other things, but I suggest to check them out to get a better understanding of what to do to move forward for yourself.

V.E. Schwab basically said, "all those new ideas you have, make a new file and jot them down then get back to the project at hand". Now she's talking about writing which is what I'm working on, but you can apply this to other projects too, for me that's my illustration. So I wrote down all my new ideas, put them in a folder and ended up with about 10 new potential stories, not including my "Above and Below" project. I now feel a sense of calm, like the constant chatter of voices trying to tell their stories has died down and I don't feel so overwhelmed. Lavendaire's advice was similar, "write down all the ideas you have and focus on whats really important to you now", it helped me really focus on the project at hand and getting to the finish line, which to be honest has been the hardest thing.


I know I need to set a deadline to have STARS* completed... So thats what I'm gonna do, from June till the end of August I am going to finally finish and upload my Bo & Cody story, aka "STARS", maybe even publish a copy for myself. I'll document the journey here and get ready by doing the #GTKYOC challenge for the month of May, mainly because I feel like I need to warm up, but it will help me get familiar with drawing my characters more consistently. Come hell or high water, I'll have Bo & Cody finished by end of summer!

Oh you guys, this is starting to feel like the makings of a plan :D


What projects are you guys trying to finish?

Leave a comment and a tip on how you plan to push through the overwhelm to help me and maybe someone else make some real progress this year.


Chat later 😉   

{Joanne the scammer voice}