…And then I realised I missed me.

  "Whatever we create with intent and passion is made manifest."

"Whatever we create with intent and passion is made manifest."


That's a bit of a melodramatic title right? Yeah I know, lets get on with the show.

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, lol. Yeah I’m a lyric and text slang abuser {You have been warned!},     But i’m not sorry. Ok enough, it’s been awhile so for the sake of honesty, let me explain. I had a lot of stuff to work out with myself. I wasn’t happy, I was in constant conflict with who I am, who I’m becoming. What I was trying to do and who I thought I should be. 

To be honest I should never have stopped blogging //online journalling. I’ve always found it to be a helpful release for my art and life. I’ve mentioned before on my old blog that writing has always been a way for me to work through ‘ish and get more creative. Even as I write this i get an overwhelming feeling of excitement and the words  just flow and when they flow then everything else does.

I missed this, don’t get me wrong I’m not imagining that I have millions of people reading this but rather that I’m talking to myself, in both the past and the future {and maybe 1 other person in a similar position}, and I’m hoping that this will continue to help guide and remind me of who I was and who I’m becoming. Every time i go back and read my old blog posts I always feel a sense of achievement for pushing through the anxiety and overwhelm and I want the next thing I do to be better, because I could see where I was coming from. I could feel the progress from where I was to where I am.

I understand that no one is perfect and I can't control everything, even though that perfectionism is why I have always found it hard to finish things, always trying to make my work “perfect”, but I’m finally finding it easier to leave space for the magic to happen. To let myself make mistakes and remembering there's a chance to grow from there.

So what's gonna be on this fancy schmancy blog website thing I gots here you ask?!? 

Well everything, well not those *nudes or videos of me saying “cash me outside, how bout dat”. But anything to do with my creativity, life and the how, why and magical alchemy of my process. I realise that for me, my creativity bleeds into and flows through my life, there are not many boundaries. My life influences my art and my art influences my life and I think its best that I stop trying to always separate them.

In celebration of my brand spanking new site and blog name, I present you with the full version of a poem/scene I posted up a while ago via instagram. It's from my a graphic novel that I've been writing for what seems like forever!


The tattoo 

She traced the ink beneath her finger tips

Sunlight pierced the clouds

Peeking through the blinds

And joined her in a chase along the intricate lines of words and patterns decorating his skin....

He stirred 

Shifting slightly to the side

Causing her to lose her place within the maze of intwined words and delicate patterns

"It's beautiful…”

She whispered

“…Did it hurt?”

"Only the first time"

He mumbled

Voice thick with sleep

He pulled her closer

Tight to his side, as if he was afraid she would disappear once he Fully opened his eyes and became aware of the day

"How long did it take?"

"Almost Longer than I remember… but over before I could complain."

She laughed

''Tough guy huh...?"

Her laugh was like a melody to his ears, he smiled to himself 

he wanted to wake up to that sound every morning,

He pulled her closer, tighter to him.

maybe if they just stayed in this room, he could keep her safe.


If this is your first time reading anything of mine, Thank you and if not Thank you and welcome back, I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

Love & Light