About me

Hi I’m Tope a freelance illustrator based in London. I create narrative based illustration, by using Procreate, clip studio paint or photoshop. My main areas of interests are: Publishing, comic books, stationary, apparel and editorial illustration. I’ve recently started to dabble in animation again, so I can experiment with different techniques for visual storytelling.

I’m inspired by magical women and girls, new places, adventure, the 80’s, film, photography and themes of fantasy, magic, spirituality and relationships. With a passion for storytelling and a love of drawing, I enjoy creating art that tells personal stories and explores weaknesses and strengths. Playing with different shapes, delicate lines, colour palettes and interesting lighting, I love to explore each aspect to visually communicate and direct the story.

In my down time I’m either reading books, graphic novels or researching holistic living. In another life I would have been a herbalist (phytotherapist) & naturopath as I’m always mixing up herbs and oils for myself, family and friends. This life long interest and passion inspires my art and features in my major graphic novel, where I explore these themes and inspirations.